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"At Dr. Broussard’s Perfect Smile Dental Center, they stand up to their name by ensuring they do everything they can to get you the perfect smile. Organized, thorough, sensitive and educational are just a few of the words that can describe this dentist. It’s no wonder they were named one of the top dentistry practices by HOUR Magazine!”

– Melissa

“I’d like to give my sincere thanks to the very professional people of the Perfect Smile Dental Center in performing a procedure about which I was deeply worried and concerned. The dentist and assist and who treated me were very caring and attentive to my concerns, and well-being. It made for a much more relaxed and worry-free experience; and the technique they employed left me with virtually no pain at all – and that, I feel, is kind of a miracle! Thanks!”

– Alvin

“On my first visit, the office was quite ‘homey’, the staff cheerful, pleasant and professional. My visit was very thorough and precise. Everything was explained to my understanding; all procedures and costs as well – not at all like any other dental office I’ve experienced. An “A+”! On a scale of 1 to 10: a true ‘10’”.

– Vicky

“2012 was the year I decided to make a positive transformation, not only for my inner-being, but my outer-being as well. I had always been ashamed of my smile – since childhood, but neither my family nor I had the money to correct it. I heard about the Perfect Smile Dentist office on the radio and decided ti make the call for an appointment. The rest is history. I have a beautiful Lumineers Smile – thanks to Dr. Broussard. I wish I would have taken the time to do this years ago. It is worth EVERY DOLLAR. My mouth looks healthy and I feel GREAT!”

– Beverly

I would like to start out by saying there are no amount of words to discribe the service and treatment that I have recieved at Perfect Smile. Perfect Smile goes beyond the announcement or advertisement they give. I have never been or seen any dental office that is so impressive. Their staff is like a machine - click it on and they are on the move. There are so many points to be made, I really can't name them all. They are the best of the best. My only questions is why did I take so long to see them?!

– Michael S.

MY CLEANING WAS A SUCCESS. I learned more about my teeth and I will take care of my teeth better. This was also my first cleaning here . I will make this my primary dental officde and this is a very friendly and professional environment.

–Tonique C.

I am glad I came to see about my teeth. You [Perfect Smile Dental Center] made me feel that it's not too late. Thank you for your kindness. You made me feel good about myself!

–Winfred R.

Rachelle [staff hygienist] was very professional and soft spoken. She explained every procedure as she did a test for gum disease and a cleaning. I was relaxed during the cleaning, other than a few sensitive spots. Her competence is an asset to the dental profession.

–Deborah L.

I had a wonderful experience! All the staff was very friendly and most importantly professional. I will definitely refer my friends here. Once again, thanks and keep up with the good work you do!

–Kumba G.

I haven't been to the dentist in over 20+ years and I have a low tolerance to pain. Walking to the exam chair I started to change my mind and leave, because I was scared. But the staff was very warm and welcoming. That made me feel real comfortable. I was born with rotten decaying teeth, I'm 44 and haven't had a chance to experience a "Perfect Smile". Coming here has given me hope!! I'm low income, but this is one dream I hope that can come true for me. I'm looking to get married in the very near future. How I would love to have that world winning Perfect Smile!

–Brianna T.

Thank you for having the $69 exam, xrays and teeth cleaning. That price was in my budget. The exam and teeth cleaning went well. Thank you again!

–Charlotte W.

Start - Recepcionist - professional and friendly. My experience was pleasant. My questions answered. Exam rooms patient friendly. Overall a very good experience.

–Cheryl C.

I'm very pleased with the exam I received. i have never had one so complete as this one.

–Brenda B.

My office visit was very pleasant. The staff was very friendly andI would recommend Perfect Smile Dental Center to all my family and friends.

–KeJuan J.

"...My hygienist Vanessa was very informing and professional. She explained everything that was going to happen which helped to make me more comfortable. I have been very scared to finish dental procedures that I know is so needed. But since coming to Perfect Smile Dental all those fears have been lessened. They are wonderful. They are very upfront about every aspect of my care and always concerned about how I'm doing. You can't ask for anything more from your dentist and I appreciate that."

–Felicia H.

"I had some nervousness, but Vanessa (hygienist) was great. I haven't been to the dentist is about 18 years. This experience was uplifting, and I am encouraged to take better care of my oral hygiene. This was a GREAT EXPERIENCE! Thank you!

–Brian B.

Everyone was so attentive and pleasant which made my visit a nice one. I have always been very afraid of my experiences at dental offices, but this visit made me feel at ease. Thank you to the staff members for making my visit a good one and I am looking forward to completing my dental work so I can have a Perfect Smile!

–Darlene W.

I arrived a little late for my appointment and that was not a problem, everyone was polite and helped me get started right away. The staff here are polite and patient. Also, my swervice was bery pleasant and my cleaning was gentle. The service here I can tell is very high quality. Thank you Perfect Smile!

“I was searching for a dentist. I had made of list of six offices I would visit and interview the staff. Dr. Broussard?s office was the fifth office on my list. I was impressed with the outside appearance when I pulled into the parking lot. Upon entering the office everything looked bright and clean. The office was not dark and gloomy looking and the office didn?t smell of medicine. The staff was knowledgeable. I have a medical problem, and they were aware of what was needed. Dr. Broussard was in the waiting area and I met and spoke with her. That day I made my first appointment."

–Taleesa A.

" I am 37 years old and I had two teeth removed. Now for that's major because I am a baby when it comes to pain. I cried before I even got in the office. I cried when I talked to the billing lady. I was a crybaby because I was scared, but everyone was so nice to me; and the doctor would not start until I was safe from pain. When we started I was still scared and crying but everyone to rub my shoulder and comfort me. The Doc talked to me and made jokes, I stopped crying and and began to laugh. She said, "Pressure no pain", and before I knew it, I was looking at two ugly teeth that needed to be take out and she removed them. Thank you God, staff and most of all thank Dr. Broussard. I love you guys for being so good to me. I'm on my way to a perfect smile and you made it easier."

–Katrina H.

"As a patient of Dr. Broussard for many many years my dental experience has always been superb, excellent and professional. A visit to Dr. Broussard's Perfect Smile Dental Center is like a visit to a spa. The staff is very friendly and professional. Everyone makes you feel welcomed and relaxed. I will be moving to Florida very soon. Even though I have been given referrals to dentists in Florida by friends, I am determined to keep Dr. Broussard as my dentist. I will definitely return to Detroit/Southfield for my dental work. Dr. Broussard is the best!"

–Jacqueline P.